CourtYard’s Response to COVID-19 :


We have been so happy with our office space at the Courtyard. Mai has been an incredible landlord that has worked with us and helped us navigate the challenges of renting during these tough times. Not only that – but since day 1 – he has been making incredible improvements to the space. Every day we came in to see something new and improved. We couldn’t be happier being part of the Courtyard community that Mai has built.

Amy Spurling

CEO/Co-Founder @ COMPT

Mai and Hector have been terrifically supportive and helpful for TetherTies since we moved in. And most recently during the COVID pandemic, they’ve gone out of their way to keep our business moving forward. We really appreciate the Courtyard Coworking team.


I really enjoy working out of Courtyard. The location is central, the space is kept clean and tidy and they provide regular snacks and coffee in the common area. And the staff really brings Courtyard to the next level. They’re incredibly nice and are always looking for ways to make Courtyard better, and they’re very attentive to their clients/tenants. I’d highly suggest the space to others.

Cameron Billings

CTO @ Places for Less

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